I5 760 + P7P55D-E Pro overclocking help!!!

I just recently built a computer and played Prototype at the highest settings on 1920x1080 with a second monitor on at 1680x1050 (I think.. it's a 22" monitor). I played for about 2 hours and wow, my room was several degrees hotter than the hallway. My build:

Lian Li Lancool k62
Asus P7P55D-E Pro
Core i5 760 @ 3.66 Ghz
G.Skill Ripjaws 4GB
Gigabyte Geforce GTX 460 1GB

I noticed it was really hot after I used Turbo-V Evo to overclock automatically. I read on other sites that doing this is not the best thing to do. I have yet to install my 4th case fan so I'm hoping that will drop down temperatures some.

Should I go into the BIOS to manually set some stuff like voltage? I also want to overclock the CPU some more and also am planning to overclock the GPU with MSI Afterburner. Could someone who's experienced with overclocking the i5 760 and P7P55D-E Pro give me some advice and their settings?

Another question: I had bought thermal paste to apply to the i5 760 but I read that the Intel processors come with heatsink fans that already have thermal paste applied. Therefore, I did not apply any.... since I looked at the bottom and saw what looked like it. Could that have something to do with the heat?
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    What CPU cooler do you have? The stock cooler is not strong enough to handle much of an overclock. Maybe 3.2, not 3.6.
  2. I actually just have the stock cooler...
  3. At nearly idle my low temperatures are around high 40s and high is low to mid 80s.... I tried to remove the stock cpu fan but I could only get out one of the thumb screws. The other ones are on there pretty tight. Will I have to remove any residue on the CPU (if i can get the fan off) before I apply thermal paste?
  4. Well, since dndhatcher said that stock fans aren't good enough for overclocking, I decided to go buy an aftermarket fan and bought the Corsair A50. I applied the thermal paste by putting a dab in the middle and put the heatsink on top of it. Already in Prime95 I'm noticing a huge difference: High under load is 81 C, almost 20 C lower than before with the stock fan. The idle temperatures don't seem to have changed that much, but I'm definitely much happier with the thought that it shouldn't get too hot now.

    Edit: Actually, the idle temperatures have dropped a good amount too. I finally saw temps that were in the high 30s.
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