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E7200 vs e6550 gaming

i would like to know which of those cpu is better for gaming.
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  1. The E7200 would be better at stock speeds. Which ever one that can be clocked higher would be better at overclocked speeds.

    Because the E7200 is based on the Wolfdale core, it should be able to be overclocked higher.
  2. i heard that L2 cache matters alot when gaming is that true? because the e7200 has 3MB and runs @ 1066 bus speed and the e6550 has 4MB and runs @ 1333 bus speed. :??:
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    First, the difference between 3 and 4 MB of L2 cache is relatively insignificant. Second, performance does not scale linearly with FSB frequency.

    Neither will wipe out the speed advantage that the faster E7200 has.

    Third, the E7200 is based on the 45 nm Wolfdale core which on a clock per clock basis is about 10% more efficient than the 65 nm Conroe core.

    Fourth, the E7200 should overclock much better.

    Fifth, I think the E7200 is a little less expensive.
  4. They are pretty close in the benchmarks.
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