Wont see old boot drive (AHCI) new boot drive is IDE

Just installed windows 7 on my new intel SSD (plugged into the intel 6gb/s sata port).

My old drive was in AHCI mode, but when i tried to install windows on my new SSD while on AHCI mode it wouldn't go past 0%.
I read on a few forums that i couldn't install windows while in ACHI mode, so I changed to IDE.

Now it wont recognize my old bootdrive in windows, (still have stuff on there i want to keep).

If i try to change back to AHCI mode in bios, it wont boot windows.
Please help

(Had posted in the SSD subforum, but The problem is accually on the HDD not the new ssd)
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  1. did you load the AHCI drivers using the F6 option during the installation of Windows7 on the SSD?
  2. Change that to automatic mode . else load default settings in bios.
  3. remove hdd then install os in ssd.install intel rapid storage software.update windows drivers in windows update.restart.shutdown.plug hdd os automatically show the device.
  4. Thanks for the reply,

    But yesterday i played around a bit, and saw that windows did see my drives in device manager, so i went into Disk management, and there it was,

    It was unallocated space, so I set a letter to the drive, and now its RAW :(
    Cannot access it without formating.
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