Problems with my unlocked AMD Phenom ii x4 B50 Processor

Hi everybody,

Today I ended up deciding to unlock my 2 cores of my AMD Phenom ii x2 550 processor, after doing so it booted up just fine. I decided to browse the internet and such and every once in awhile it would freeze completely, I cannot crtl-alt-delete or anything to get out of this. The only thing I can do is reboot my computer. I'm curious to know what my problem is.

My motherboard is a NF750-G55 (MS-7578)
My chipset is NVIDIA nForce 740a SLI
Southbridge is NVIDIA nForce 740a SLI MCP

Any help would be appreciated thanks :)
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  2. Sounds like a defective core locking your computer up, have you done anything to stress test it?
  3. Yea i did and it freezes should I just go back and lock the cores?
  4. Cores get locked for a variety of reasons, it may be they require higher voltage and a voltage bump will give you stability. You could also try unlocking only 1 core instead of both, that is if your motherboard supports it.
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    As for your question, you may want to gives this a read through:

    I have not been able to come across much information on using your motherboard to unlock the CPU, but what I have found are a few people saying that it does not work, and ontop of that motherboards with Nvidia chipsets give even more trouble when trying to unlock the cores.
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