Can I lower my screen resolution without stretching the display?

My lcd laptop screen has 1366x768, but I want to use a 1024x768 resolution without stretching the screen, sort of by disabling some pixels.
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  1. You want to turn off scaling.

    What nVidia display utility is installed? There should be an option "Do not scale" that you want to happen when you use a resolution (1024x768) lower than the display's native resolution (1366x768).
  2. Ok, I found the Scale with pixel aspect ratio, or something like that in the NVIDIA control panel. My second question is a lot more complicated, I don't know if it's even possible.

    The reason I only wanted to disable some of my pixels is because almost a fourth of the right part of my screen has died (dead pixels). Now, after scaling, I have a centered desktop with two black bars at the sides. Can I make the desktop align to the left so both that black bars are to the right?
  3. I don't see any option for repositioning the image, it's always centered.
  4. Manually adjust from your monitor panel?
  5. Try to manually adjust the horizontal position on your monitor. Even the cheapest monitor should have this feature.
  6. He says its a laptop screen so i really doubt you can do any adjustments like that. I dont know if its possible to disable the sides of the screen and if it was possible it would be in your drivers control panel or maybe someone made a program to do it I dont know. This is the first time I have heard such a request. Why do you want to run it at 1024x768
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