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I recently RMAed and recieved back my defective motherboard and hardrive.
The hardrive had failed in a RAID 1 array. I went into the bios and began to repair the RAID onto the new hardrive. This is a very simple question but do I have to do anything once I log on to windows or will it automatically repair itself over time? (Which would explain 100% disk activity). And also if this is ture, How will I know that is finished rebuilding the RAID?

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    Rebuilding a raid takes a while (it depends on the size of the disk), but usually several hours. There is probably some raid monitoring software for windows for you raid controller that would show you the status of the rebuilding. Windows will work fine while it is rebuilding, but it be slower accessing the disk.
  2. It will rebuild by itself - you shouldn't have to do anything/
  3. Thanks Man!
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