GTS 250 vs another GTS250? Adobe MPE help

I currently have a BFG 8800GT OC 512mb in my PC and the specs are the following on the PC.
Windows 7 64bit
Intel Core 2 Quad (Q6600)
4 GB Ram @ 800mhz
500gb + 1 TB HDD's. 
I'm trying to take advantage of the MPE in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 by upgrading my video card.  I don't want to go overkill on a card if my processor will bottleneck and I've maxed out the ram on the mainboard. 
I was looking at a Zotec GTS 250 but I've found two different models at a large price difference or the 9800GT for considerably less money. 
$169.99 (CAD)
$199.99 (CAD)
or the BFG 9800GT at Tiger Direct for $114.99
I'm not really sure what the best option is for me or if there is a different nVidia card I can use for around the same price range? 
I'm new here and any help would be greatly appreciated.   :hello:
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  1. The 9800GT and 8800GT are the same card. Clocks will probably be higher on the 9800GT, but its not worth paying $115 for. You should probably buy the cheaper of the GTS250s. You can always change the clocks on them if they are different. If the $200 has a better cooler, up to you if its worth it.

    Have you looked at yet? They might have a better deal. Even in Canadian money those GTS250s seem expensive to me.
  2. Honestly you should try, they are pretty well priced and i found a 250gts for 123.99

    the 9800gt is still a decent card, but for a couple bucks more i would get the 250gts.

    Although for adobe premier I am not sure that you would see much of a difference between the 9800gt and the 250gts.

    Gonna have to ask the pros on this one.

    Also, for games a 250gts is a good match for your cpu.
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