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I just built a new computer. worked good for 2 days then yesterday when i powered it on it stayed on for 1 second, powered off and reset. it did that twice then worked fine. today it wont stay on it just powers on then off on then off...

any advice, i was thinking maybe it has a short some where but everything looks good.
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  1. BTW it was my first build so it might be something obvious.
  2. Normally when a computer does this it is because the power supply is bad, also computers can do this if they detect the processor is overheating, check that the processors heatsink is fitted correctly and that the fan is running.
  3. yes fan is running and heat sink in fitted correctly. i just disconnected everything except mobo, psu and cpu cooler (corsair h50). still cant get it to start.
  4. how would it detect the cpu overheating on a cold start?
  5. Update:

    i just disconnected the 2x4 pin cpu power and left just the 2x12 and it started up anythoughts? im using a i7-930 should i not be using the 2x4 also?
  6. It is looking more and more like the power supply is faulty, if it is anything else it will be expensive.

    how would it detect the cpu overheating on a cold start?

    If the heatsink is not fitted correctly then the processor will heat up very quickly, less than a second which could cause the BIOS to switch off the computer.
  7. The fact that the power supply started up without the 4 pin connector fitted means that the power supply can’t supply the required load, either that or the motherboard or processor is faulty. The fact that It managed to start after turning on and off would indicate that the motherboard and processor are ok.
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