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Hi every one !
I've just completed my server installation, I'm finally self-hosted !! :yeah:

Actually, it was so difficult to host my website, my mails, my IM account and others (Torrent web interface, ftp, AjaXplorer, forum, etc..), but it was difficult to find a good tutorial to follow...In fact, I didn't find a good one to follow for everything.... So now that I'm done, I've written my own tutorial !

I hope it will help some of you !
Here is the link:

If you have any question, or info, please let me know !
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  1. Your server down ? :)
  2. That's weird. The link seems good when I edit my post. (But It's not when I click on it.)
    So, thank you Kewlx for the new URL.
  3. Those are nice tutorials. You might want to publish them somewhere where they're not lost among hundreds of Q's and A's.
  4. Thank you graywolf !
    Yes indeed, but I don't know where ;)

    I just hope it will help people to self host themselves.
  5. Use the resources of the internet to find your niche. See where other folks post their tutorials. BTW--the parent company of Tom's takes publications. Note the links at the bottom of the page.
  6. Thanks for the advice !
    And I didn't know about the parent company of Tom's hardware.
    I will read a bit more about that, and try to find good place to post my tutorials.

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