SRT for non-boot drive?

Here's my drives:

C:\ 128GB SSD - OS and Apps, some games - (getting full)
E:\ 1TB 7200RPM - pictures, movies, some games - 500GB free
F:\ 500GB 5400RPM- backup
G:\ 60GB SSD - some games, almost full.

So you can see I have games on 3 drives and they are usually huge directories. They keep getting shuffled around based on what I want to load fast now, but I am getting tired of file copying and manual management. And Steam games all have to be together, so I had to move them to the 1TB drive as I have a big steam collection. I am thinking, If I moved all the games to the 1TB, then I would have that 60GB SSD empty and maybe I could enable Intel SRT (z68 board) and it would just cache the games I launch most recently automatically.

So does this sound like a good plan and would it provide reasonably fast game loads?

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  1. Well I figured it out on my own.

    Had to move games off 60GB SSD (broke BF3 of course, re downloading now) and delete the partition so I had an empty SSD drive.

    BIOS was set to AHCI so I had to switch to RAID mode. There are some reg hacks, but luckily my Gigabyte MB came with a utility to change it.

    Then I had to reinstall/update Intel Rapid Storage.

    Finally I had the "Accelerate" tab available. Added 60GB SSD as cache for the 1TB drive and everything is hunky dory.
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