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I have a mechanical hard drive and was thinking about buying a 64GB SSD. I don't have that much experience with storage, so my question is: Could I install my OS to my SSD and run my old mechanical hard drive as my primary C drive? Would that benefit in anyway? Is there any alternative ways to do this?
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  1. Buy ssd from transcend website with lifetime warenty.remove hdd.insert ssd in sata 0 port .load default settings in bios.install os then update os hdd in sata 1 port.then use the hdd for storage and backup.ssd 64gb as c: .hdd as d: .
  2. If u use hdd as 1st boot device u r get no difference. use ssd as 1st boot device the system on quicker then hdd .and aplications also faster then hdd.
  3. The best way is to fresh install OS on SSD. I had my OS on my HDD, then I bought a SSD. So, to avoid the hassle, I installed OS on SSD. No problems. All my videos, files..etc goes on the HDD. Also, I save programs to HDD.

    So, yes OS on SSD, and HDDs for everything else.

    Side note, SSDs are becoming really cheap. Buy a 120/128gb SSD for ~$100.
  4. Nope! You can´t run your old mechanical hard drive as your primary C drive, if you install the OS in the SSD.

    Installing the OS on the SDD will make it your C Driver, while your HDD will be your D Driver.

    Getting a SSD is the best you can do to improve performance! :) It is not just about boot time, but a lot of other things will run smoothly!

    The installation is really easy!

    Just disconnect the HDD cables (power and SATA). Then connect your SSD, and start your PC with the OS CD on the CD Room, while pressing Delete, or whatever that makes it to get you into the Bios.

    In the Bios make your SSD your Primary Boot Device, and set it to AHCI -- you may want to have a loom at your motherboard manual, if you´re not familiar with the Bios features. Then install the OS.

    After the installation is completed, turn off your PC, then re-connect the HDD cables, and start your PC -- you´re done! :)
  5. If you have a new model motherboard then you could use the SSD of 64 gb as a cache with the Intel Smart Response technology and leave your hard drive as it is as the C drive. But you have to have a motherboard that supports this otherwise you will load the OS onto the SSD and it becomes the C drive and your old hard drive becomes the secondary storage drive.
    A 64 gb SSD is a small drive to use as the OS drive and it will fill up quick without serious space management so you should look for a good sale or rebate and pick up a 128 gb SSD or bigger if you can aford it.
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