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Recently i have been having a problem with my stock pc. Once i have used the computer for a couple hours various graphics start to dissapear, such as the type "Start", however the green button stays there. Firefox freezes also and when i press Ctrl+Alt+Delete it says "Failed to initialize". I also get a message saying insufficient disk space. Im guessing this is overheating of some kind however i dont know what, at first i thought the GPU because of the loss of graphics, then HDD because it said insuuficient disk space, but now im wondering whether there a problem with the CPU cooler.
Please help, this is my first post and im only doing it cause i really need help,
Thanks CJ
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  1. How much free disk space do you have?
    Which operating system are you using?
  2. Have you done any virus scans lately?
  3. Hello ceej dawg, Welcome to THW.

    ^Both the above posts are good questions. Give AVG or Avast(free AV program if you dont have one) a run and for good measure Malwarebytes, also free.

    If you want to check your CPU temps out you can use SpeedFan, its free. If you have a newer CPU you can also try CoreTemp or HWmonitor which is also free.
  4. Hey thanks guys, was probably stupid of me not to include that info haha....
    I am running XP with 1.7gb free, im using AntiVir and i do regular updates and scans.
    And I already am using speedfan, and the temps have been as following; GPU: 60-70C (this worried me at first but i then just assumed it was a miss reading) CPU: 0C (i guess there is just no monitor?) Ambient: 40C Remote: 50C and Temp1: 40C. These temps have been at this level since before the problem so i am confused, unless something has just finnaly burnt out, I.E the GPU...
    Thanks heaps guys you rock!
  5. O.K, are you using compressed folders?
    Also could you right-click My computer, how much RAM does it say you have?
    -> Advanced -> Performance section, Settings -> Advanced tab -> at the bottom Virtual memory. How much does it say?
  6. Just a thought I had, first what GPU do you have as most from the past few years can get near 90c-100c before you start casuing problems. If its a ATI card, use CCC to check your GPU temps and how fast the fan is running. If its a Nvidia, im sure hey have a similar program to do the same, but if this is happening when your not gaming, unless your GPU if failing not overheating, I doubt the GPU is the cause.
  7. OK so shits gone real bad now, since my last post the mobo now beeps repeatedly when i turn on the pc :O so i shut it off before it can im worried :S Anyways the Ram is 0.99gb and 1524mb virtual memory so its close but i dont think thats the problem...I really really need help now guys im borrowing mums netbook :( Im in the process of building a new pc but i need this one running pls help
  8. Maybe its just time to pull stuff out and put it back in again....
  9. Oh yeah im not using compressed folders and its NVidia
  10. Have you got a spare graphics card to try swapping? or try the onboard?
  11. No i dont, but i booted it with out the graphics card and there was no beeping, so i think i need a new one, unless you guys now how to fix it?
  12. Which Nvidia exactly?
  13. Geforce 6600
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    Hello again
    Couple of quickies,
    Which motherboard do you have?
    What do the beeps sound like? it should be a sequene of long beeps, short beeps or a mixture.

    Have you tried removing and unplugging all non-essential components and bits of kit from the case?
    For instance unplugging everything from the back of the case except monitor, keyboard and mouse. Leave only one Stick of RAM (if you have more than one), Any PCI cards or extra hard drives.
    Then see if it boots.
    If not, try changing the RAM stick if you have a spare.
  15. The motherboard is a PSLP-LE and the beeps are a very rapid continuous beeping.

    I have tried removing all essentials and its the same, beeps when the GPU is in, doesn't when its out. I don't have any spare ram either :( Its not so urgent now as I just finished my first custom pc but if you do think it could be anything else please share as a spare pc would be nice, otherwise i might just get a cheapy graphics card and see if that works...
    Thanks for the help everyone especially Plumble :)
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