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Video card kills boot up when plugged in

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July 10, 2011 9:29:48 PM

So I'll try and make a long story short:

I recently hit the reset button (which I never use) on my pc by mistake instead of the power button. After doing so, I could not turn my comp back on. No beeps, no fans, no post, nothing. I decided to check everything internally to make sure it was all plugged in and that nothing shorted out. I decided it was either the PSU, the Mobo, or the power switch itself. I went down the list of things it could have been, including unplugging everything but the CPU, the HS fan, and the motherboard itself. I even tried different configurations of RAM, and even popped out the CMOS battery and even did the bios reset jumper trick. This seemed to solve my problem since everything came back on, beeps and all, but I couldn't see anything on a monitor since my Mobo doesn't have an integrated video card. I then decided to try and isolate the issue and I found that when I plugged in my video card it would turn everything off. Since I can't use the video card, I can't see if it successfully posts or not.
I decided to buy a PSU tester since I was fairly certain this was the issue. The PSU tester came back with good numbers, but I was still skeptical so I still went out and bought a new PSU. Tried the new PSU and had the same problem, everything works until the video card is plugged in. (The new PSU works fine, I tested that one too) All the forums and online research I have done on the subject point to a bad PSU, yet I think I have successfully ruled that out. Is it possible my video card had a bad rail and is shorting out the entire system? Is it putting more of a load on my PSU than it should?! Please help! I have been researching this online ALL day and have come to the conclusion my problem is a bit unique. I'm still not convinced my Mobo isn't the culprit. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I am running:
Asus PQ5LPRO motherboard
4 sticks DDR2 ram
GeForce 9600 GT Video card
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU
Ultra Xfinity 500W PSU

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July 12, 2011 3:59:42 AM

Try a known good video card and switch it and boot it up .
If everything works than you had a bad graphics h.w.
Let me know .
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