Power supply with manually adjustable fan speed?

I'm looking for a high-end power supply with an adjustable fan, ie where you can influence the speed of the fan.

When my PC suddenly started to make a lot of noise I sad to myself: "Well, I'll just have to adjust the speed of the fan making that awfull noise". I knew you can influence the speed of your computer fans: case fans, cpu fan and so on. It was just a matter of locating the culprit.

Was it one of the adjustable case fans? No it wasn't.

Was it the adjustable cpu fan? No.

Was it the adjustable gpu fans? No.

It was the non adjustable :( power supply fan.

I'm now in the process of building a new pc and this time I want to be able to influence the speed of all the fans.

However, power supplies with adjustable fans seems to be (very) rare...
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  1. Psu fan speed isn't supposed to be loud unless its a crap psu or its being loaded to heavily.so could you please give the make and model of your psu
  2. Toughpower 850w, w0131
  3. could you please list what it is powering?

    its a semi decent cwt built psu that

    seems your psu it quite old if i could say so,but you have hope unless you running 2 gtx 480.gtx295 or more then 2 of other cards it will be a bit load,a newer more efficient power supply will be quieter and run cooler and therefore the fan wont be loud,
  4. Yes, it's quite old, that's why I'm in the process of building a new PC.

    For my new PC I'd like a PSU (approx 1000 W) with a manually* adjustable fan. If that's not possible, I want a PSU that's not to load even under heavy load.

    *preferably via software like Speedfan
  5. The problem is that if your in the middle of gaming and its powering your two GTX470s and you decide to turn the speed down so you can't hear it anymore, your PSU will shut down/blow up. If it needs to spin at 80% to cool the inside of the PSU and you turn it down to 40% so you can't hear it, what do you think will happen? You can try replacing the fan with a better one. Make sure it spins about the same, but has a higher CFM rating.
  6. Thanks for the links :)

    (It seems that only the OC version of the Antec PSU has an adjustable fan: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817371039)
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