Adding a third monitor?

I have a dell computer with a 9800gt and I run dual monitors right now. I want to add a third monitor which will just be a 17" so not a huge res. I know about USB to dvi but thats like 100 bucks. I was wondering if I could just install a NVidia or ATI PCI graphics card and then put the 17 on there. Is this possible? Can I only put NVidia, or can i only put ATI

My motherboard is DELL stock mobo, Model OTP406. North and Southbridge are Intel. CPU is the Q6600
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  1. This depends on your motherboard, can we have the name of it please?
  2. You might, but PCI cards are like $40 and youll have to mess around with drivers..

    or, You could just sell the 9800GT and buy a HD5750 and run eyefinity.
  3. You'd need a second video card in SLI - and setup can certainly sometimes be a pain. I'd have to agree with timop... just buy a cheap ATI eyefinity
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