I have 3 desktop pcs; two located in the same room; the other one in the next room. Right now I am using a Linksys G Router wired to the main pc running Windows Vista 64. The other pc in the same room is networked wirelessly with a usb network adaptor running Windows Vista 32; the one in the other room is running Windows XP and is networked wirelessly with a usb network adapater. I also have a Nintendo Wii that I would like to use the wireless and my printer is running wireless. The Wii is located downstairs on the other side of the house, probably at least 50-75 feet away.

What is the best wireless router that will give me this wide range. Two pcs are also used for gaming. Thank you.
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  1. This is a tad late response. Hopefully you can use it anyways. I cannot tell you which router that is the best, due to my unexprience with a loads of routers, since i've only had 2 myself.

    You are looking for a N router though. There are 4 kinds of sending methods at the moment, that I know of.


    The router you are looking for should support the ones that your network cards are using. You can see that on the box, or by using the program called Speccy, which is free.

    n is the fastest and the one method with longest range. So I can recommend you get that. a is the slowest and should be avoided, even if your network cards are a. I would recommend you to upgrade them to n if that is the case.

    Hope I could help!
  2. Thank you for your response. That is very helpful. Do you know anything about the new Valet router by Cisco?
  3. I'm afraid not.

    But I found a review from CNET. They are pretty trustworthy!
  4. Thanks, I will check it out. Appreciate it.
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