Smallest Case Possible with 3 External 5.25 Slots?

I want to build a new PC with micro atx with the smallest case possible but with the option of on external frame of at least 5.25 bays. What would you havy to recommend to me?

I am really looking forward to hearing any suggestions as this case is the last component i need to figure out before i start purchasing and setting up this new PC for me!

So thanks in advance! ;)
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    3x 5.25 bays. Very good cooling...probably not THAT small.

    2 Bays, quite small, nowhere near as good as top one though for cooling.

    Another powerful one here - quite small.
  2. Thanx a lot for your reply.

    I also thought of the antec mini p180 but the bays are not consecutive, it has 2 on top and one bottom. I need the 3 bays, cause i intend to have an external frame for hosting hot-swappable discs such as the following and it needs 3 cosecutive slots.

    The other 2 only have 2 bays. I also thought of coolermaster elite 333, but i have trouble finding it. I only tracked down a stock item of this, and its not somewhere near me. Is this case discontinued, and is it any good anyway?
  3. Its not a small case, and its probably not the best for performance either. this one is a midi case you see.

    The best cases for Hot swappable disks are the antec DF series...however they arent small.

    Look at the DF30 or 35 if your after a disk managment case, but the chances of a small case with that much customization available is slim.
  4. What you see in the picture is not a case. It's just a frame that uses 3x 5.25inch slots and allows you to use the HDDs. It's not the case itself. I'm just looking for a smal case with 3 front 5.25 bays to get to use this addon.
  5. Hello therock003, maybe this will fit what you are looking for.

    Athenatech A3603BB.400
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