Dividing a partition then restoring the space.

I have drive D with 100gb+ free and i wanted to take out 50gbs and make a seperate partition to test out Windows 8 without removing my 7, i know that would be possible but my question if i wipe it will it be possible to merge them back without harming the files that are already on my drive?
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  1. Yes, you can.

    First you back up the data that are on the partition.

    Click on the "Disk Management" option from the menu on the left-hand side.
    Select the partition you want to merge, and left-click on it.
    Select the "Delete Volume..." option and confirm that you wish to erase all of the data. Make sure you are on the right partition, double check.
    Select the partition you wanted to merge, and right-click on it, selecting "Extend Volume..." and click "Apply".
    The partitions will now be merged.
  2. backup which data? i have over 100gb of movies and music on that partition and i don't have any external HD to back them up ath so if there is much lisk on loosing the whole volume i don't think i'll do it :P.
  3. You can burn them into the CD or DVD if you have the CD\DVD burner or back up online cloud storage.

    Do yu mean you need the free small partition to test the win8 and after that you want to merge it back to the whole drive D ?
    You need backup the small free partition you want to merge.

    Also I will recommend you need back all the data you want, because I did do the mistake before I lost some documents and pictures. And now I backup all the data in two separately HDD.
  4. I want to take out 50gb from the movies drive yes and make a new partition put windows 8 then format it and merge it back, and no i do not have a DVD writer and i wouldn't want to burn 100gb into dvds :P.
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