Upgrading my desktop

So I'm planning to get this desktop:

I have a $200 budget to make this run Modern Warfare 2 and Split/Second on max. What do I get. Please recommend any desktop that can play these games at max.
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  1. Should play great just your graphics card. But this is what i read. "graphics performance is powered by CPU integrated Intel graphics?"

    You should upgrade a card. I recomend the gtx 460. I have a 250 and its the same power supply requirement -450-. Your Cpu is perfect. Gtx 460 is a newer card by Nvidia. But you should be able to play max settings. I have a Intel core 2 duo 8400 3.0, Gts 250, 3 gigs of ram. And i can play Max on Cod 4 Mw1
  2. I can't find any detail on that site, could you give us more info?
    PSU? how many watts? amperage?
    Does a normal card would fit? or it need a low profile card?
    CPU, Hard Disk and RAM are good...
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