Furmark Temps after Nvidia Update

So I finally upgraded my drivers that I've had since Janurary I think, 196.21, I had really good performance so I never cared to update. I just got 258.96 out of curiousty.

I decided to log everything I did this time just too see the difference. The first thing I did was Furmark to make sure my OC was still stable. It is, but its has some wierd flucuations in heat it never had before.

Before I maxed at 70c after 15 minutes of Furmark Stress Test, it never flucuated, (65c on the second GPU).

Now after the driver update I got up to 78c after only 2 minutes of running it. It then drops back down to 69c, then about 5 minutes later it will shoot up really high to about 80c and go down again real quick. I watched MSI and my clocks weren't flucuating at all. My second card stays around 59c the whole time.

Anyone have any similar problems? Obviously it has to do with the driver update, I was just curious.

For Heaven 2.1 I used the same bench settings, saw a decrease in perforamce (so small that it could be due just to flucuation in benchtesting). For anyone curious, nothing interesting here...

FPS - 17.1
Scores - 430
Min FPS - 7.0
Max FPS - 35.4

FPS - 17.0
Scores - 428
Min FPS - 7.6
Max FPS - 35.4
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  1. Sometime, the latest driver is not always the best, the older driver can be more stable... :)
  2. Oh yeah I know, I was just wondering if anyone else was having similiar issues with the newest Nvidia drivers.
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    just revert back to the driver that was working fine =)
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