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Hi all my laptop has 2 x500Gb hard drives in it, i think my c drive is riddled with viruses, and my d drive has all my music on, if i format ,my c drive will that affect my d drive? when c is formated will i still be able to use my d drive once reinstalled windows?
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  1. im just worried that if i format my c drive , when i finaly get windows back on i wont be able to access my d drive with all my backed up data on?
  2. Yes you are able to, after you reinstall the OS.

    But I will recommend when you use the recovery partition in the C to reinstall the OS( all the loptop have), disconnect the 2nd HD if you can, because it also has been infected by the virus too.
  3. If you reinstall windows, and wipe the partition of the c drive,and inatall windows onto that drive, the D drive should work fine after the install. If you took the D drive out of the laptop while you re-installed windows, then there's no way to mess with the D drive. After the install, just plug the D drive back in.
  4. Have you tryed to clean up the c:
  5. MalwareBytes.
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