What PSU for HAF 922

I have to buy a new PSU for my Coolermaster Haf 922.
what i have in it are:
2)i5 760(i will overclock it)
3) 4gb ram
4) 2-3 hdds
5) 1 dvd-rw
6) 5 fans
7)hd 6870

The thing is i want the cables to be long enough so that i don't have any problems with my build. That is what the problem is with my OCZ 600w stealthxsteam which i'm gonna put in my old rig.
I can find psus from the shop in my neighboorhood which has:
Akasa Antec AXP Chieftec CoolerMaster Corsair Enermax Fortron L&C Nexus PC Power & Cooling Premier Scythe SeaSonic Silverstone Xigmatek Xilence Zalman

Tell me the model you know that for sure is compatible with my case and i'll check if they have it.
thnx in advance
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  1. Hello djmik21 , Welcome to THW.

    All modern PSU's will fit in your case without trouble unless maybe of course you buy a 1000w-1200w PSU, which I doubt you are anyways. Here is a tool for you to get a good idea on how many watts your PC will need:Antec Power Supply Calculator From what you listed I got that you will need about 450w but thats without and OC, you will have to put in those numbers yourself to get a better estimate, and the 6870 is not yet listed so for good measure I put in a 5870 which I know has a higher power usage over the 6870. So really you are probably going to be needing a 500w PSU and that should do you just fine, unless maybe you plan on going crossfire at a later time.

    Out of the brands you have listed I would recommend going with Seasonic, Corsair, or Antec. Tom's has just published an article recently you may want to give a quick read trough: Who's Who In Power Supplies: Brands, Labels, And OEMs

    As for the power cable lenghts, that is something to usally is not included in the specs of the PSU and you really have to rely on the reviews for information on that.

    These are the best sites, bar none, for PSU reviews on the web:
    Jonny Guru
    HARDWARE Secrets

    Hope that helps you out. :)
  2. http://www.scan.co.uk/products/850w-corsair-cmpsu-850txuk-tx-80-plus-80-eff-sli-crossfire-eps-12v-140mm-fan-5-year-warranty

    Powerful, efficient and Corsair. Not a bad price either.

    If your gonna go for a PSU, I always advise people to go with corsair.
  3. i prefer the corsair tx650 but always my concern is are the cables long enough for Haf 922?
  4. Like I said the cable length is usally not listed in the specs of a PSU, and you will have to rely on customer reviews or the review sites I listed for you in my last post. Otherwise you can contact Corsair and ask them.

    That being said, the Haf 922 is a only a mid tower case, so you have nothing to worry about as any PSU will have cables long enough to route them through any mid tower, it is the full tower cases that you just maybe will have a problem with cable lengths.
  5. i will go to the shop and check myself how long the cables are
  6. ^+1, that one sure-fire way of doing it.
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