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I have 2 - 128gb crucial m4's in raid-o with windows 7 ultimate 64bit. One second I had Plenty of free space on the 256gb raid-o configuration. I wasn't even paying attention because I haven't installed anything. because I have all my games on a 1.5tb hard-drive, Movies on a 1.5tb hard-drive and my music/pictures/etc on a 500gb hard-drive. I had plenty of space free on my C: drive. I Went to my computer in the living room to put some music on running off this computer via 500gb hard-drive come back to this computer and I have 998mb free on the C drive error? any suggestions
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  1. Fraps recorded and saved all my recent games on black ops 2 in Which created a 200gb file on my C drive... Can I get an admin to delete this thread. Thank you.

    Stupid F9 to join a party in the game, in which started the recording.
  2. If I understand correctly the problem was due to Fraps´save folder be located in your ´C´ drive, which are your SSDs.

    Then you realized it, deleted the files, and solved the problem. I guess you have moved the Fraps´save folder to your HDD, eh? The thing is that you are going to lose quite a lot of performance by doing so. Recording times on HDD takes so much time, as Fraps records them in AVI file, which are huge files.

    The best to do is to keep saving your files on your SSD to gain performance -- obviously you have to keep yourself moving the files to your HDD as soon as you finish recording.
  3. I just disabled the f9 option in Fraps to another key that is now not often used. I went through the C drive and started right clicking every file and hitting properties and bam! Fraps was the culprit. Back to my 200gig free space.
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    Yes, Fraps saves it in AVI files which are really big ones.

    I still think it worth saving them in your C drive for a huge performance gain. Just keep an eye in the folder to make sure it doesn´t get too big. You always can move the files (once recorded) to your HDD.
  5. Yes that is why I changed the Video Capture Hotkey. So I know when I am capturing video. but I will keep Fraps on my "C" drive for performance.
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