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My hard drive isn't showing up in anything i even looked in the intel storage program and it didnt show up im am trying to add a second hard drive but it isnt working out too well. I believe i have everything pluged in correctly but it isnt showing up anywhere. Is this suposed to happen? If not what should i do?
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    Computer>manage>disk management

    If you go into disk management you will see all the drives that are connected to your computer, and the new one should be there and just needs to be initialized , partitioned , formatted and given a drive letter.
  2. Hey thanks it really helps alot i am actually building a new system for a friend and i wanted to make sure it worked. He is building it on christmas and wanted to make sure the Hdd worked cause thats the worst thing in terms of reliability and if he built it on christmas day and it didnt work that would suck
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