Will i3-540 on H57 Express work for me?

I am looking at an Acer Aspire X3950 with this processor/chipset with no intent of adding a discrete graphics card. I do not game or (knowingly) use 3D graphics. I do some video editing (Pinnacle Studio) and use Photoshop Elements - both only occasionally. Mostly the usual home apps.

I'm moving to a Windows 7 machine from a failing 5-yr. old HP Windows XP, where I put in a Radeon 9800 Pro behind an Athlon 64 3300 2.4 GHz processor. Will I be happy or disappointed?
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  1. The Radeon 9800 pro is better than Intel's i3 540 integrated GMA I believe, however seeing as 3D video acceleration does not seem that important, you will see a large performance increase, as the CPU is much faster.
  2. Thanks, Lmeow, for the opinion. Any other recommendations from others?
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