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I rencently built a new computer and I was messing with some cables in the back of my computer and i accidentally pressed the clear cmos button while the computer was running. Now the computer turns on but the monitor power button just keeps blinking and all i can see is a blank screen . My computer was working fine before this. any suggestions?
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  1. Yes, just a guess :) - you cleared your CMOS, your computer is BIOS-less :)
  2. Nah, you just reset everything to stock, but it may not be stable enough for the RAM or CPU now. Try moving the jumper to recovery mode on the BIOS. You shoud get a BIOS display...

    Do you know how much fun we could have with this?
  3. But seriously - first of all I think you should check if you didn't accidentaly detached something there - begin with the attachment of your monitor cable to your videocard /and eventually to the monitor itself, then - the attachment of the videocard to the slot and plugging the power cables into it... but this is inside the case...
    Btw. how did you manage to accidentaly press the clear CMOS button, while playing with the cables on the back /not even inside the case i mean :O :O/ ??? :)
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