Phenom II x4 955 BE stock Oc for newbie

Hi guys I'm new to overclocking but I have managed to toy around with Bios and hit 3.6ghz from stock 3.2ghz. I was hesitant at first thinking my temps wouldn't be good enough since I was using the stock fan and heatsink, but currently I am managing to get idle temps at 37-41 ish and Load temps playing SC2 at 46-48C max so far. I have read reviews of people OC'ing with stock heatsinks but their temps at 3600mhz were much higher than mine, something like 48C idle and 55c+ Load. My question is as a beginner to overclocking should I push it a bit more on stock or with the temps I'm seeing is it a safe point to stop at? Thanks a bunch.
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  1. Download and run Prime95 small fft's test to load the CPU cores to 100%. Then check your temperatures. Most software, even games, do not present a constant 100% load.

    The higher temps that most people are reporting undoubtedly reflect this.
  2. Yeah run a torture test to check temps under full load, and if they're OK, maybe overclock it a bit more. Are you just using the multiplier?
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