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Hi! I come with a problem with my HDD to be more exact. I bought a Lenovo G580: i3 ivy 3110m, gt 630m, 6 GB RAM, 1 TB Seagate HDD. The problem is with the HDD, I think: The "write error rate" attribute keeps increasing. Should this worry me? Can HDD Tune mistake the attribute with something else?

Here you have a screenshot with the highlited attribute: . Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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  1. Seagate makes a program that you run under windows that will test the drive and tell you if it's a serious problem where the drive needs to be replaced or if it's a not so serious problem where the drive will probably last a while longer. Seatools for windows can be found at the seagate site, or at least it could in the past, haven't checked for it in a while...
  2. Yep, tried that. Ran every test, including SMART, but except ''long''. All tests passed succesfully, with no error. I am still worried about this value increasing. Do you think HDD Tune is showing wrong data?
  3. @brazvan93, yours is a rebadged Samsung SpinPoint M8 (HN-M101M).

    I would search for comparative SMART data on the Internet. You could also compare your data against other Samsung models.
  4. It apears that it is a Seagate Samsung (??!) HDD. I've found some results on the internet, but none have values this high for write error rate in a matter of 24 hours. Does this corrupt my data every time the error occurs?
  5. I have analysed SMART for various other drives and I have found that a non-zero value for Error Rate attributes does not always reflect errors. My Fujitsu drive, for example, records the number of sectors read in the raw value, and the actual error rate in the normalised value. Seagate's Error Rate attributes are even more obscure.

    That said, I have not had the opportunity to analyse Samsung's attributes, so I can't offer an opinion as to their meaning. In any case, the normalised value is still at 100, so this would suggest that the drive is healthy.
  6. It apears that a stick a RAM was creating the problem (??!). I don't understand why. Any explications?
  7. I was wrong, the problem apeared again!
  8. Removed the drive, connected a WD laptop HDD, no errors reported in HD Tune. Reconnected the Seagate Samsung one, same problem. What is even strange is that HD Tune shows this write error rate - OK.
  9. Any suggestions/ideas?
  10. Each author of SMART software interprets the SMART data differently. IMHO HD Tune is not the best SMART tool, so I would ignore its warnings and interpret them for myself. I prefer HD Sentinel in this regard.

    That said, I wouldn't be too concerned if that were my drive, but that's just my opinion.

    Here's a case where HD Tune misinterprets Hitachi SMART results:

    Here are two more bogus warnings:

    In the previous example, attributes 0A and B8 are perfectly OK (normalised value = 100, raw value = 0). I believe HD Tune's warning is triggered because the Current and Threshold values are "too close".
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