Dms 59 ati radeon x1300 pro extend display not working

I am running windows xp sp3 on a Dell optiplex 960. I have an ati radeon x1300 pro video card with a dms 59 output with which I've connected two identical dell monitors using a dual dvi splitter cable. When i boot up, the windows xp logo appears on both monitors as usual and something seems to be happening. however, one monitor then goes into "power save" mode and goes black. I am then left working on one monitor. When I try to extend display to the second monitor the second monitor remains unresponsive. When i press the menu button on the second monitor there is a message saying that the monitor is not detecting a signal from my computer.
That's the gist of my problem. Also, when i try to extend display using the desktop properties tab I get a message that the currently selected graphics driver cannot be displayed and that the system has started with the default vga driver (or words to that effect). That being said, there is no vga cable connected to monitor or desktop. When i check the drivers for each monitor i get x1300 radeon for the monitor that's "working" and x1300 radeon secondary for the unresponsive monitor.

Thanks for your time, hoping someone out there can give me some tips. Thanks.
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  1. First, make sure you are using the updated drivers from ATI for the x1300. They can be found at:

    Once installed, you should be able to enable both displays in CCC. You will also need to set your primary display and extend the desktop in the dekstop properties in Windows.

    Since you are seeing the flash screen upon boot, you have a physical conenction, now you just need to tweak the driver/Windows settings to take advantage of the 2 monitors. You are almost there.
  2. Hi Col. G.

    Thanks very much for this help,

    it worked perfectly.

    All the best.

  3. Glad to have helped. Have fun!
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