2443BW+ or BX2440

Which one is the better monitor? Why?

2443BW+: 1920x1200, Not LED, 50000:1 Dynamic Contrast, touch sensor button, ???Windows 7 support

BX2440 : 1920x1080, LED, 1000000:1 Dynamic Contrast, Windows 7 support
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    You should also include the response time if you're asking this question in relation to gaming. The lower the response time the better for gaming.

    2443BW+ has the advantage in terms of resolution, but the BX2440 has a better contrast ratio which is an advantage for photo editors who need to discern finer shades of colours.
  2. The specs that are not stated are the same on both monitors.

    2443BW+ specs

    BX2440 specs
  3. Fair enough. What are you wanting to do? Gaming?
  4. Programing, CAD, photo editing and gaming. Mostly programing.
  5. Fair enough. Well photo editing would really benefit from the BX2440, but since its not your main profession (or at least i dont think it is) then go for whicever is cheaper since they are both nicely specced as it is. on the 2443BW+, the 5ms response is good for gaming, 1200 resolution nice for games so long as you have the graphics card behind it and also good for multi tasking for programming etc.

    Hope this helps.
  6. They cost exactly the same. Hmmmmmm, hard to make decision.

    Thank you for the help. :)
  7. Well in that case go for the BX2440, its an LED LCD which is going to be the next standard of tech in screens so you'll be future proofing a tiny bit.
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