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Hi all,
I am just trying to decide on a case for a PC. Nothing excessively fancy as I cannot spend too much (around £50). The cases that intrigue me most are:

1) NZXT Apollo - £56.36 I know nothing about this case, it just looked kind of cool
2) Antec 300 - £49.33 A classic budget case, but with the 600 only £5 more it seems crazy not to go for it instead
3) Antec 600 - £55.20
4) Coolermaster Centurion 590 - £54.03
5) HAF 912 Plus - £62.22 (Seems a bit steep compared to the Antec 600)

The PC is used for gaming and will likely get OC'd, so good airflow is important and if possible a quieter PC is better than a noisy one so if any of these are too thin and noisy I would prefer to avoid it.

So, any opinions on the above cases is greatly appreciated
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  1. i think the antec 600 has break away PCI slot covers? (not 100% sure) while the antec 300 are your more conventional slot covers held in by screws.

    I have built with both the antec 300 & HAF 912. both are very good and their pros and cons over each other are slight. if you add two 120mm to both cases, you have great airflow with a slight advantage to the antec. the CM is a little roomier to work with but the antec is sturdier in construction.

    I would just get the case you think looks best, all four of those cases are good budget units.
  2. ^+1...

    I would add the Antec DF-10 to your list.
  3. ct1615 said:

    Does the OP have an issue with "break away" PCI covers I missed? Otherwise, it is a very nice case but as you said, the OP has to decide what case they visually likes best, as they all will perform similar in cooling performance.
  4. no break aways are fine until you want re-use a case for a second build. unless all the slots are matched up again, then you may have an open slot (dropping an old sound card, going from dual slot card to single, etc.,). not a major issue but it can annoy some people. obviously you can go purchase after market covers.
  5. Cant speak to the others, but have an Antec 300 illusion and its great for the money. Its not fabulous to look at, but has excellent airflow(room for 5 fans), more HD drive slots than most mid-towers (big selling point for me), and durable heavy construction.

    Also the air filter in front is VERY nice--I vacuum the front of my case about once a month and the inside stays clean, even with 5 fans going.
  6. Can't go far wrong with the Antec 300.

    600 has the side panel if thats something that appeals but overall I prefer the look of the 300.

    I like the HAF912P with its black interior, thats the one I'd go for.

    Bit cheaper - http://www.eclipsecomputers.com/product.aspx?code=CAC-HAF912P

    I also like the Zalman Z7 plus for around £50- http://www.eclipsecomputers.com/product.aspx?code=CAZ-Z7P&af=50
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