SSD boot is extremely slow

I have an OCZ vertex plus r2. Previously I had it with a ASRock pro3 motherboard, ajnd the boot times were around 15 seconds. Now, I have an ASRock Fatal1ty pro motherboard, and the boots are around 45 seconds. I did a fresh install of windows already.

rest of system is
i5 3570k
OCZ modXstream 600w
Kingston HyperX blu 8gb
Toshiba 1tb hdd
EVGA 660 ftw signature 2
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  1. I´d double check the SSD settings on the Bios, just to make sure all is OK.
  2. Did you set the sata mode to AHCI ? Did you connect the SSD to the first Intel sata port ? If using a Marvell or Asmedia controlled sata port you will get slower speeds even if it's sata 3.
  3. check to see if both mb had the same intel chipsets. if not you may have to boot into safe mode and remove the mb chipset drivers and then install them again. the other thing is to look for quick boot or boot settings that add wait time. ie splash screen on my asus mb the default time out time to get into the bios is 30 sec. i changed it to 10 sec.
  4. They are both Z77, and I did check to make sure that it is in ACHI mode. It is also on an intel controller, not Asmedia. Any other ideas?
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