How to best use extra hard drives with Win8 Laptop


How can I use extra laptop hard drives for additional external storage with my future Win 8 laptop?

I am getting a Win 8 laptop in the next few weeks (maybe after CES in January when new laptops are announced

making some 2012 models less expensive).

I have about 12 laptop size 3.5" PATA (IDE) hard drives left over from various laptop projects. They are 5,400 rpm and

7,200 rpm; and 40 GB, 80 GB and 100 GB.

"Windows 8 can consolidate multiple hard disks and consider them one drive called a Storage Space. Pieces of your

data are distributed among the different disks in the storage space, allowing your PC to write and read to multiple hard

disks at the same time instead of just one.

Storage Spaces also lets you maintain completely redundant backups of your data. For example, you can set two drives

to "mirror" each other. That way, even if one drive fails, the other one will continue working and retain access to your

ever-important information."

How can I use the extra drives for additional external storage with my Win 8 laptop?
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  1. You would get an externa enclosure that can hold a large number of drives. It would also depend on your budget but you could start with something like this;
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