Motherboard wont start

Hi i brought a Asus Maximus 4 Extreme P67 MB last week and it worked for about a week then yesterday when i was playing BFBC2 the screens just went blank, i assumed one of the graphic cards overheated, 2 GTX 580. This has happened before so i decided to move one of them to a PCI slot running off the NF200 chip at 16x so the other one had room to breath. after doing this i tried turning it on again and nothing happened. so i moved it back and still the same result. and the same with 1 card installed

I have also tried
1. Clearing CMOS
2. using only 1 stick of RAM
3. removing the battery and clearing the CMOS (it says to do it on ASUS website)
4. Re-Building the system out of the chassis
5. and checking all connections

and it still keeps happening. when the power supply is on the standby lights are on tho and i know for sure that the power supply works fine, ive tried it on a different PC.

If anyone can help it would be great :D
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  1. You may have either overheated the processor or fried the motherboard, as its a new motherboard and you dont mention any new processor I would just assume you have somehow fried something in the motherboard - send it back for a refund. You could try getting a Post Card to determine the fault.
  2. Its a new build everything in the build is brand new. but i haven't got round to any over clocking yet as i want to make sure everything was working perfectly before. so nothing really should have fried? and ive been looking at the CPU temp for the past week and it never went over 75 degrees C. so i doubt the CPU is fried, i shall return and get a new motherbaord. Cheers
  3. If the motherboard is on it's warranty try to bring that motherboard on the manufacturer for checking, it may be factory defects. hope it works...
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