Newegg... international warranty...?

i live in india and i wanna know if parts got from newegg will come under international warranty or not?

like for example... i know there is msi p55-gd65 is available here (with warranty) but newegg's is cheaper (no shipping cuz my uncle's bringing it)

will i be able to use neweggs bill for claiming a warranty on it?
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  1. Most companies give you a warranty specific to the region, that is because different rules, contracts, etc have to be applied to that specific region.

    but i'am not sure though
  2. sum 1 help... plzzzz...
  3. Yep only stuff like processors offer global warranty and for the rest you may go thru your local distro of respective h/w for RMA for a fee or ship it yourself
  4. Hey buddy, i have a friend of mine who will be going to the US was talking of getting the R9 280 sapphire or MSI. From newegg there is almost 7.5k difference between here and US. Just only if there is a factory defect or a problem occures during the warranty period then can i take it to the Service center in India and get a replacement or repaired For free?
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