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Hey all,

I am having keyboard issues. It is a labtec wireless keyboard that has previously worked on the computer in question without any drivers. It has been a while since it has been powered up though. Other keyboards work fine, but this particular one will add far the pattern I have recognized is certain keys when pressed it'll add the character to the right as well. For instance when I press r the screen shows rt
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  1. Have you tried to clean / blow out your keyboard? You can get dirt buildup within the keyboard, which can cause keys to depress when you press another key.
  2. I tried cleaning it to no avail. Thanks for the tip though, never thought of that
  3. The trouble with wireless keyboards is that the batteries in them don’t last for a long time. Have you changed the batteries?
  4. Yes, I put brand new fresh batteries in.
  5. I've even tried the keyboard on another computer, and still functions improperly
  6. I have exactly this problem with my keyboard - maily letters on the left of it. The problem just suddenly appeared one day. Strangely if I unplug it and plug it back in it works fine...
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