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I have a 32" Samsung HDTV (1080p) and it is hooked to a ATI Radeon HD 5850 card via HDMI cable. I'm an avid Tiger Woods online golf player. When I go full screen with the game the resolution reverts to approximately 1024x768 and everything gets really large.

How can I stop this from occurring?
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  1. have you checked the resoultion in the graphics settings of the game?
  2. TV's also like to confuse video games because (for some reason) the game doesn't agree with the TV and won't give you proper resolution settings. I've tried to game on my Samsung TV, and generally when i turn the resolution up, pieces get cut off.
  3. sometimes the resolution auto defaults to 1024x768, you need to go into CCC or display properties and change the resolution manually.
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