Help me replace my psu for my old computer please

Well as stated in the title, i've decided to convert one of my old computers into a gaming computer and getting a psu is the first step. I'd just like to start off by saying im a complete noob when it comes to doing this stuff.
First of all, here is my computer :cry:

It has never been altered from the factory settings and nothing was touched. I was planning on replacing the 300w power supply with a ult-vx700 power supply that my friend is selling. I was just wondering before i spend any money on it, is it going to work with my computer?

Or would this psu work?
PSU12 - Tristar400 ...................................................... $20

- Condition: Brand new
- Size: Approx. 5.9in x 5.4in x 3.4in
- Maximum output: 400 watts
- Main power connector: 20 + 4pin & 24 + 4pin
- SATA power connector: 2
- IDE power connector: 2
- Floppy power connector: 1
^ Would that psu even be enough to handle the 9800gt and cards like that?

Next I was planning on replacing the video card. I was looking for a card under the 100$ price range. What would be the best card? I'm planning on getting it from tiger direct (the website is I have the 9800gt in mind, but if theres a better card for under 100$ please inform me.

Thanks in advance for all your help,
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  1. Get a ATI 4670 or this one: Its 129 but after mail in rebate its 99.99
  2. Get a proper psu.newegg has the corsair cx400 for $35 right now after rebate.the ultra is crap and the other one you mentioned is worse
  3. Agreed with Ahumphers91 and Obsidian86.

    I have a ATI4670(Ive OC'd it also) But I can play Crysis with it @ 1920x1080 most medium settings a few on high and 2xAA. Its a great performing card and does not cost alot of $. HIS H467QR1GH Radeon HD 4670 1GB $60

    As for your PSU, you really need to get a quality part as this will power all your expensive parts you put in your PC and you dont want to risk frying them with a cheap/low quality PSU. The top brands out there right now are Seasonic, Corsair, and Antec. You can rely on those PSU to give you quality performance. The corsair cx400 for $30 + $9.65 S/H is a nice choice.
  4. +1 for the Corsair CX400
  5. Get the Corsair CX400 (my favorite sub-500 watt PSU, I own 3) while you can. It's going away soon, to be replaced by the almost, but not quite, as nice CX430.
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