Newegg extended warranty through Service Net?

Anyone ever bought the Newegg extended warranty? Look at the Asrock z68 Fatal1ty Professional:

One of biggest drawback to Asrock is they only have 1 yr. warranty. So, thinking of spending some of the money saved on Asrock to buy additional 2 years of warranty through Newegg through "Service Net." Only $45. Says they replace the board within 5 days, no shipping.

Anyone have any experience with extended warranties purchased from Newegg?
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  1. If you plan on using the board warranty (some folks don't bother), I would pick a different brand for a few dollars more with a 2-3 year warranty. When a board fails, you have to apply for an rma number on the manufacturer's website. wait for approval, then wait 2-3 weeks for a replacement. I used biostar's rma process, and from my texas address, it only took 9 days to get a replacement board. Also be aware that they may substitute a different model number if they are out of stock of your board, so you may have to reinstall windows.
  2. That's why I may be more interested in the Newegg / Service Net extended warranty. 5 day board replacement, no shipping, looks like you don't have to deal with the manufacturer. Don't usually buy extended warranties, but with Asrock the money you save can just go towards the warranty. Which sounds like a better deal, less hassle than the manufacturer warranty anyway.

    Anyone ever have a warranty claim on a mobo through a Service Net extended warranty purchased thru Newegg?
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