C Drive has 115 GB While D has 172 GB

For some reason my Windows 7 laptop has 115 GB on the C drive while the D drive which is barely used has 172 GB. As a result, I have 30 GB left on C and the D has barely been touched.
I tried to remove the partition, both through windows and EaseUs Partition Master Home edition and neither worked. For some reason, I can only take out space from C but I cannot add more than 115 GB.
I don't think I have more than one hard drive since I didn't add anything to the computer, everything is the way I bought it.
Laptop Info:
• Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T6600
• Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium
• MSI Exclusive Color Film Print Technology
• MSI Exclusive ECO Engine Power Management System
• 16" 16:9 Wide Screen Display (1366x768)
• 4G memory plus 320GB hard drive
• HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) Output
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    If you want to make it all one partition.
    1) back up everting on D drive that you want to keep.
    2) Go to disk manager
    .. Rt Click on My Computer, select manage.
    .. On left pane, select Disk management.
    3) right click on D drive. and select delete volume.
    after you have deleted D drive volume.
    4) Rt click on C drive and select expand, expand to full size of drive.
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  3. Thanks! It worked.
    After removing space from D, I could not move the unallocated space to C until I backed up D and deleted it. Afterwords, I Remade D with about 5 GB memory (Probably still a bit much, but no big deal), restored it and moved the rest to C.
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