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I've just finished reading the Nvidia FAQ on multi-display and SLI, and I simply needed a little more info on the subject.

Here's what they say:

How many monitors are supported when running in SLI mode?
With GeForce R180 drivers (or later), standard SLI configurations for 2-way, 3-Way, and quad SLI support a maximum of two monitors. Additional monitors (up to 6 monitors total enabled) may be enabled by using either a motherboard GPU and/or a PhysX capable graphics card (GeForce 8 series or higher with at least 256MB of memory) that does not have the same GPU as those that are SLI enabled. More information regarding multi-monitor in SLI can be found

So if I understand correctly, if I want to profit from the extra performance of SLI 480s, I can only plug 2 monitors in the master 480. If I'd want a third screen and still have SLI enabled(?), I would have to add a third GPU, different than the SLI 480s (ex 9800 GTX), and plug that monitor on the 9800 GTX.
As soon as I plug a third monitor on the SLI 480s, what exactly happens?..

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  1. Nvidia Surround lest you plug in 3 monitors on SLI now.

    But before, when you plug in the third monitor, it goes to extended mode which your third monitor is ran only the second 480 while the first two by the first 480.
  2. Thank you, I was actually confused as to what option pick between these 2 on cyberpowerpc:

    Xtreme Performance in SLI/CrossFireX Gaming Mode Supports Single Monitor

    Non-SLI/Non-CrossFireX Mode Supports Multiple Monitors

    Since I have 3 monitors, I got to pick non-sli mode but what does that mean exactly?
  3. What card will you be using? GTX480s?

    It really doesn't as you can just reconfigure it when you get it, as you'll probably need a driver update anyways,
  4. Yes, dual 480s
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