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I recently purchased a Samsung 830 SSD, and did a new build of windows 7 pro in it in AHCI. Everything has gone well with that. My proble is that it will not let me use my sata drives with it. if any of them are plugged in I get a disk read error occured.
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  1. Were these drives used in a computer with the sata mode set to IDE ?
  2. inzone said:
    Were these drives used in a computer with the sata mode set to IDE ?

    no previously the system was setup in a raid config.
  3. I think I have it narrowed down, doesn't matter the device or the ports it does not want me to have more than 3 devices hooked up when using SSD, if so the SSD won't boot. I know without the SSD it works fine as I had 5 devices hooked up. I'd be curious if anyone out there had the MSI 890FXA-GD65 and was using 4 or more ports with an SSD connected?
  4. First of all what was the existing raid array setup, Two or three drives.
    Then you added a fourth did you add that drive into the raid array, or try to use it as a Standard Sata device or in Ahci mode.
    You would have to technicaly add the new drive to create a new raid array with all four drives set up in raid mode.
  5. my previous setup was 5 drives total

    1 single 1TB Seagate
    2 RAID 500gb WD drives
    1 DVD Writer
    1 Blueray writer..

    My issue isn't 4 drives in a Raid, as I am just using AHCI with the new config. I just can't use 4 sata devices period or the SSD won't boot. So right now I am running with the following.

    1TB Seagate
    Blue Ray drive

    I have tried to use all 3 remaining devices as the 4th device, and I have tried using different ports as well.
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