Painting HAF logo on 932!

There's been alot of advice/tutorials on painting the case, but how do you keep the HAF logo intact on the 932 when spray painting? Going to paint it flat black with the logo smoke gray.

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  1. Probably best off tracing the logo and making a stencil up,
    sand and paint the case matt black then when its dry stencil your new grey haf tag :)
  2. The problem with stenciling is that you cant see through because its black on black. I've tried a clear masking film over it and still invisible so I might try painting the logo separately but I've never done that before. The HAF logo is just a weird shape. any suggestions?
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    Get this, blow it up and cut your stencil from it?

  4. Hey thanks Moto I'll keep that in mind! I will post some pics when I am finished
  5. Glad to hear it :)
    try to do some work in progress pics too, show others how to do it :)
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