Access Raid drive after OS reinstall?


I have had various lockup and crashing issues since building my new computer. I am not sure that I installed everything in the right order when I first booted up the system. I have decided to do a clean reinstall of the OS but I am worried about the data on my other drives. Will I lose or lose access to my other (physical) drives after reinstall? Also, can anyone recommend an install/update sequence? Thank you.

Here are the system specs:
OS - Win 7 64-bit OEM (have disks)
MB - Asus P6X58D Premium
CPU - i7 980x
VC - nVidia GTX480 (eVGA)
Ram - 12GB (6x2GB)

HDD Setup:
(1) WD 150GB VelociRaptor connected to MoBo via SATA 2 (this is single partition OS/Program drive)
(1) WD 150GB VelociRaptor connected to MoBo via SATA 2 (this is single partition Scratch/Pagefile/Network Dropbox drive)
(5) Samsung 1TB Spinpoints in RAID5 on Intel RS2BL080 PCI-e controller (1 hot spare).

Video Capture Card - Blackmagic Multibridge Pro PCI-e breakout box.


Primary use is video capture and editing and graphics creation. Main Software used is Adobe CS5 Production Suite. I am experiencing CS5 app crashing and unresponsiveness, intermittent windows explorer "white outs" and OS failure to shut down (stuck at "logging off ") requiring hard reset. Note: I don't have room to transfer off the files on the RAID (nearly capped the 2TB of space now). The idea was to capture, edit and render out a final product then erase the original footage but I cannot process the footage fast enough due to system instabilities. This is why I ask about access to secondary physical disks.

Thanks again for any help that can be provided. I will provide whatever additional info I can as needed.
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    Re-installing the OS will not cause data loss on other drives (RAID5 in your case). However, if you re-create RAID5 then you will lose data, and the system will caution you about it.

    A word of caution on the Win7 OEM license - this license is computer specific, and cannot be uninstalled and transferred to another system. I ran into this problem when I upgraded my motherboard. In order to get Win7 (OEM) activated, I had to call Microsoft.

    Regarding capping your 2TB HDD. I read somewhere (don't recall the source) that it is not a good idea to load any HDD to more than 70% of its rated capacity. This is particularly true for the HDD containing the OS, because of future updates as well as capacity to create restore points.

    Please keep in mind that RAID is not a substitute for frequent backups! Have current backups, and then if you decide to re-create the RAID, you can do so with certainty that your data is safe and secure on the backups. This will describe RAID better:
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