Need a good mATX case that can hold a full size GPU.

Any suggestions that are at a decent price range (even though the Silverstones look like they would be very nice, they are very expensive).

Basically, what I'm looking at putting into this matx case is:

phenom ii x4 955
msi 890gxm
gtx 470
2x spinpoint f3's
dvd burner
4gb ram
corsair 550vx
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    The BEST case ive seen is the Antec P180...but thats around the £90-£100 mark

    This one - - looks good and is around the £50 - £60 mark. (Designed for 5970)
  2. To be honest, the difference in price between the thermaltake lanbox I was deciding to go with and the antec p180 is $1. I have to order it from amazon, because they are the only site that ships free cases to Hawaii, unless I find some dupe on ebay (I lucked out with a coolermaster haf last week). The NZXT Vulcan looks like a good case, but the features on the lanbox look better (removable MB tray). All three cases come highly recommended, and I watched the video for all three. The Antec however seems to be the best built.
  3. Agreed with build quality. I would go for the P180 over them all.
  4. I ended up getting that one, thank you for your help.
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  6. NZXT Vulcan. They say it's the worlds smallest gaming case.
  7. ducker19 said:
    NZXT Vulcan. They say it's the worlds smallest gaming case.

    Look at the feature on the p180 though, it's amazing:
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