What are the average safe temps for a 470?

Hey guys, so a quick question.

I just purchased a Gigabyte GTX 470 the other day and I'm just wondering what the highest average temp should be while running a game maxed out (Like DiRT 2 or APB?)

Mine seems to reach into the 80 and 90c temps. So I'm about to manually set temperature/fanspeed threshholds in RivaTuner, but I just want to know what temperature most people allow their cards to get to before the card hits 100% fan speed or something.

I'm thinking of setting fan speeds at 40%/60%/80%/100%, 40 and 60 for low to medium temps, then 60 and 80 for gaming and 100% for intense gaming/abnormally high heat output. Not sure what temperature thresholds I should set these speeds at though.
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  1. I wouldn't let it run past 90C.

    Just experiment with the fan control until your happy with the noise/temps
  2. Currently I have my settings as so:

    Temps = Fan Speed
    0 to 60c = 40%
    61 to 65c = 60%
    66 to 80c = 80%
    81 to 120c = 100%
  3. Seems those settings work pretty well, DiRT 2 is maxed, fan speed only hit 80% and temps never went over 73c.
  4. How do you set your fan speed to kick in that high at only 73c?

    Mine only goes up to like 60% at 85c, I end up having to set it at a manual speed to keep it less than 82c
  5. I was just thinking about this issue.

    If I forget to manually set the fan, the autofan is a joke and let my card hit 89ºC in BF:BC2.

    You must set it manually to expect decent lifetime IMO.

    As we speak, at 100% fan speed just browsing Tom's (two monitors), my temp is currently 49º (no OC), but full load never hits past 61º as long as it's on 100%.

    This is in an Nvidia Edition 690m Coolermaster. Additional fans really help as well. I didn't realize like a dummy that I had two ports for fans on the tops (moved me from 6 to 8 fans) and made a significant difference. These 120 and 80 sized fans that I had laying around, with a little additional cable management, dropped my CPU idle 5º and GTX 3º.

    Manually set speeds. Case fans + cable management help. If you're worried about sound, you picked the wrong card. This is a beast..

    Btw, full setting 32x + 16x in BF:BC2 (only HBAO off) kicks out 59 fps when running around, and 50 in the most intense firefights...
  6. Nice!

    Unfortionantly, I don't have any space!
    with a SB fatal1ty getting hot by itself, then a 470 right below it like 1/8th an inch, and then another 470 right below the top 470, and then the bottom of the case. So the 2 cards have about 1 inch or less of breathing room from the fans. A single card is 10 degrees cooler than when in SLI. The only way to get more fresh air in there is maybe somehow mount a fan ONTO the 2 cards together, on the side(s) inside... Havent't got to that part yet.

    This case is huge too, but it just isn't big enough.
    Next case I have is going to be freakin big.. Like maybe a small dresser, like a mini super computer BOX, and it's going to have some rediculous watercooling running everywhere. I guess it's time to wake up to the year 2010 where performance machines need serious cooling solutions. It would be so nice to have a box around 2'x3'x4' or something. The extra cabling extensions would start adding up costs though.
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