[SSD] Samsung 840 250g ssd

Bought a MSI GX60 and installed the Samsung 840 onto it. I used recovery drive to install the windows 8 due to lack of cds or an iso.

This is my first benchmark after making tweaks. (2 done before tweaks)

Compare that to AS SSD benchmark.

My seq write/read are finally comparable but the rest is lagging behind.

Considering my laptop's hardware, is this a reasonable benchmark to expect or is there something wrong?
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  1. 1) Intel’s SATAIII controller has been performing well compares w/ AMD SATAIII controller.

    2) Most laptop has lower benchmark scores, because they only have SATAII instead of SATAIII.

    3) I am not sure which one firmware (your DXT06B0Q and their DXT0) is the most recently.

    I think your benchmark is good and enjoy.
  2. He's right because of Sata II it'll be a bit slower. What "tweaks" did you make? Like disabling drive indexing, superfetch, etc. etc.
  3. Yes the "usual" from what I could find on google referencing off of

    As for the Sata, I'm pretty sure that it only has Sata 3. Chipset: AMD A70M FCH
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    If you bought the Samsung 840 250 gb model then you got TLC (triple Level Cell) instead of the MLC (Multi Level Cell) flash memory. The TLC is new and so far only Samsung has released a SSD with it and you will notice the Write speeds are very slow when compared to SSDs with MLC memory. The new Samsung 840 Pro 256 gb has the traditional MLC and the write speeds are much faster. So I imagine that on a sata 2 controller the SSD will be a lot slower. That's also the reason why the 250 gb SSD is cheaper in price.
  5. You have sata III port - Sata II will NOT yield the Sequencial scores your screen shot shows. If the people suggesting that as a problem had look....

    inzone is correct along with C19 comment about the amd driver - If you notice almost ALL test beds for SSDs use Intel chipsets - Two reasons 1) mainly intel has 85% market share and 2) Intel chipset/driver performs slightly better.

    NOTE: double check your SSD firmware and make sure it is not a pre-release version. Ref:

    And a review of 840 250 gig:
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  7. My firmware is up to date.

    I'm just going to chalk this up to chipset. Thank you all.

    Edit: misclicked best answer on my squished cell phone screen.
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