Will a ECS GeForce GT 240 fit in a Dell Inspiron 560s case?

Hello, i've got a Dell Inspiron 560s, slim case, and i want to buy a gt240, i'll have issues with the vga's size?
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  1. I'm araid not, that case only supports low profile videocards, however, they are some really powerfull ones, like this low profile 9800GT

    I'm not sure if your PSU can handle that card...

    Good luck.
  2. Also, excuse me for the flood, but the 9800GT is equal of better than the GT240...
  3. That's what i'm afraid, i've read some places that gt240 would work without any overclock at all (250W psu), some XFX have a Low Profile Kit, ECS have it too?

    thanks for the quick answer. ;)
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    Yes, take a look at the link, it comes with the bracket, replacing it is REALLY EASY, you just need one of these:

  5. Thanks
  6. Please, select my post as the best answer =)

    Glad to help ya ;D
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