Only 3 cores showed up in my Quad Core Q8200 Processor

When i bought new processor, it was showing all 4 cores of CPU in Q8200.

But dont know since when, but now its showing only 3 cores since 1-2 months.


Core#1 has disappeared.

I checked it by many utilities, bt all showing same including Device Manager. Windows and Linux too.
Performance is also affected.

My core temperatures remains high like 65-68 at idle time and at peak load, it reaches upto 80 C

So that core disappeared due to heating Problem??

IS it possible that CPU/MainBoard itself had disabled/locked it due to overheating ? If yes then how to re-enable it
OR it is fried up and i can never get it working again?? :(

Can anybody help me out...

Other specs:

Intel DG31PR MainBoard
4 GB DDR2 RAM (2+2)

Latest BIOS Updated
Win 7 x64 Ultimate

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  1. I found the Problem that disabled it. And so the solution also :D

    It was due to BIOS settings.
    In BIOS settings-> SW Single Processor Mode was Enabled.
    SO cores were disabled and it worked as single CPU

    Now after i disabled it, it now shows all 4 cores.
    Windows rating is also 7.1 now

    Thanks for reply.
  2. Temprature already remains high.
    Core temprature reaches 70 C frequently and when i play game, it reaches >80 C
    At 0% CPU usage, it remains 65-68 C.

    Now if i overclock it, then core will definitely BURN OUT.

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