Which is better - the i5 650 3.2GHz or i5 750 2.66GHz?

I am designing a new PC and I need to know which one is better for gaming - the i5 650 or i5 750. The 750 has quad cores and an L2 8MB cache while the 650 has 3.2GHz with 8MB cache, but only two cores instead of four. I am trying to figure out which is best for gaming. To future proof the system I am leaning towards the 750, but for present day gaming the 650 would be greatly sufficient. I can always just spend $400 on a new CPU in a few years. Anyway, I just want to hear your opinions.
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  1. Agreed, get the i5 750. they OC like monsters and they have 4 physical cores.
  2. He said i5 750 not the i7 750 lol
  3. typo, I am fully aware that i7 750s dont exist.
  4. Get the i5 760 for better overclocking and only about 8$ more. It might get cheaper during black Friday or cyber Monday
  5. I haven't read much about overclocking the dual core i's but I would suspect that the upper limit for overclocking speeds would be similar for both chips.

    If you're not going to overclock then you might do better to start with by using the dual core. You also might do some research for the games that you intend to run. Some of them can make use of more cores, some don't. I believe in past tests by Tom's they determined that for gaming 3 cores was a big advantage over 2 but 4 was not much advantage over 3.
  6. Assuming there are not going to be any more processors manufactured for the LGA 1156 platform (sandy bridge is coming to replace it soon), you should really go for the best you can afford as of now.. And that would be the i5 760.. If you decide to play the waiting game then by the time you require it, it might not be available or be available at a very high price tag..
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